Saturday, August 13, 2011

Roundup: This Week in Thrifting

Besides the awesome flower painting in my previous post, I found some other cool vintage items while thrifting this week! Here is a roundup of my latest thrift store discoveries:

It wasn't until after washing this assortment of mugs and cups, and placing them upside down to dry that I started to notice a theme - they were all made in Japan.

Isn't this mug cool? I like the footed style,
and the retro colour combination used
in the Tiffany pendant lamps.

This fun retro mug also caught my eye.
For some reason I always fall for the 1970's
colour combination of orange, gold and green.

The artwork on these Japanese tea cups is so pretty,
they need to be on display.
I came up with a few ideas for every day use.

These brass candlesticks bucked the trend -
they were made in Canada!!
They're extremely heavy, and the brass
has a lovely warm glow.

This was definitely a good week for thrifting!

Have you been thrifting lately? Share your finds
by posting a link in the comments!!

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  1. I love those candlesticks. I was given some years ago, and even though brass went out of style, I could never quite give them up...Now I'm so glad I kept them because they're back in style and I still love them!


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