Saturday, August 6, 2011

Own 8 Pieces of Sarah's House 4

This past February, I drove out to Georgetown to get a first hand look at the house Sarah Richardson decorated for Sarah's House 4. There were no photos allowed, so I took notes and tried my hardest to remember colours, fabrics and wallpapers in order to write this post. So when I saw this set of dining chairs today at Of Things Past, I knew exactly where I'd seen them before. This fall you will see these chairs featured in an episode of Sarah's House 4 on HGTV Canada:

In typical Sarah Richardson style, Sarah incorporated not one, not two, but three fabrics into the host and hostess chairs. She chose mohair for the seat, a striped cotton for the rear back and piping, and then finished the arms and seat back in a coordinating linen. Sarah is the master of mixing fabrics!!

The set of 8 chairs can be yours for around $3000.00. Wouldn't it be cool to have these chairs in your dining room when the series airs?


  1. How did you know where the house was ad how did you get into it? Just wondering thanks Frances

  2. Hi Frances,

    If you read this post, you'll find the answers to your questions:


  3. I remember that post!

    That is a very cool find! I often go to Of Things Past and they do have some amazing stuff there! You're such an expert on all things 'Sarah'!....

  4. Sorry, I just joined as a Follower! I thought I'd done that ages ago! I check out every post your write, but somehow missed doing that!

  5. thanks Pam..I am guessing they must of sold the property by now. I am starting to see a sort of sameness in Sarahs designs lately, maybe just too much exposure to different tastes since I have been reading blogs.. I don't know anyway thanks again Frances


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