Sunday, September 11, 2011

Christie Antiques Show Wrap Up

Since I didn't make it to the Christie Antiques Show this past spring, I sure wasn't going to miss the fall show as well. I got up bright and early, hoping to be one of the first on the field, since I was determined to find myself a pair of bamboo bedside tables. Ha! Arriving slightly behind schedule at 8:15 am, there were already hundreds of people ahead of me. Undaunted, I started to wildly zigzag through booths, heading for the back of the field before it was picked over (as per a tip from Eddie Ross). With my first purchase in the bag by 8:30, I decided to take a more methodical approach to covering the field, quickly snaking up and down each aisle, stopping only at booths with furniture. After a total once over (not finding my faux bamboo tables), it was time to slow down and soak it all in. I spent several more hours leisurely combing through every booth, until my cash was completely depleted. Here are the spoils of the day:

There are two Christie purchases in this photo.
Can you spot them?

My first purchase was this pair of
art deco brass book ends which I scored for $25:

The vintage book ends have a lovely hint of patina:

My second find was a small porcelain Rosenthal vase
with a graphic gold pattern (a $30 impulse splurge):

Although I don't know the true value,
I found a similar vase on ebay for $115:

My big purchase ($200 bucks!) was this smoked glass
coffee table with bent wood base:

It could be a 1970's "Falcon" coffee table, which was
designed by Sigurd Russel for Vatne Mobler.
(I think I may have the base upside down here):

Not sure what type of wood the base is made from,
but there are 20 layers of thin strips:

After so many hours of walking and shopping,
I relaxed with a snack under a nearby tree.

I'm glad to have had such a beautiful day for the trip to the Christie Antiques Show. I even came home with one free item: a sunburn! Next time I'll remember the sunscreen and a little more cash:-)


  1. Great finds, Pam! I love those first two pieces, especially. So deco. And they go perfectly together.

  2. Fabulous finds Pam! It was such a lovely day at Christie, even better when the deals are good. The pieces look like they were just meant to be in your home. Maybe I'll see you at the Aberfoyle show in two weeks!

  3. Thanks to Jen & Jen for the lovely comments:-) Hmmm...Aberfoyle on the 24th sounds tempting!!
    For more info check this link:

  4. Great finds indeed. Thanks for the reminder re Aberfoyle. Since I missed Christie, I will definitely have to get there!

  5. Love your finds Pam! And that coffee table you found! Lucky you that we didn't go together or else you would need to arm wrestle me before taking it home! You going to aberfoyle? I may go to Waterloo that weekend and perhaps stop by on my way!

    Too bad I didnt make it to Christie but I did my share of picking in the city too!

  6. Great finds! I especially love the table!


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