Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Addition

I recently came across a set of 3 bamboo chairs on Kijiji, and immediately I knew I had to have them!! They were just like the chairs I wrote about in this April 2009 post. Since I didn't need all 3 chairs for myself, I forwarded the ad to my friend Tim of Design Maze and we decided that we would split them between us. And so a deal was struck!

Ooh la la, bamboo goodness...

The caning is in excellent condition, but since I'm keeping this chair at my office until the new condo is ready, I've thrown a colourful cushion (from HomeSense) on the seat to protect it from wear and tear.

Eventually I'll be using this chair in my home office, so I will end up giving it a coat of paint and having a proper seat cushion made. Piece by piece, it's already coming together.


  1. Oooh~~beautiful! I remember you posting about being on the lookout for these and I've actually been keeping my eyes open too! Great find!

  2. Sweet find Pam!! Now if only you could find the bamboo side tables...

  3. 2 happy decorators for the price of one! Smartypants :) Lovely chair, glad you got your design-wish.

  4. You are sooo lucky. I have been looking for that chair(s) for a long time. Kijiji in our area had a few good items, but nothing like that. Wish I lived in the city( for your Kijiji listing), as it is great living in the middle of no where. hahaha

  5. I'm feeling Smalltown Ontario's frustration - nothing much on our Kijiji listings except farm equipment.
    These bamboo chairs are gorgeous - I can see them painted a bright yellow or turquoise to bring them to life. Can't wait to see the transforation.


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