Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Outdoor Fabrics: Kravet Soleil Lifestyles

New outdoor fabrics from Kravet Soleil Lifestyles are now available, and the patterns are so pretty that you'll be tempted to use them indoors as well (and why not?). Developed to withstand the elements of nature, these fabrics are resistant to the sun, and are extremely durable.

Kravet has worked with Echo Design to produce the Caneel Bay collection, a group of fabrics designed for a modern time, but with a classic sensibility.

"The vivid color palettes of sky blues, lime greens,
rich oranges and sophisticated
neutrals conjure up
the feelings
of a modern marketplace, where
bold stripes, intricate textures and beautiful
patterns coexist in harmony.

Created by designer Windsor Smith, the Tahitian Holiday collection features modern and graphic patterns in combination with coordinating plains, inspired by Windsor's travels:

"The vibrant and fresh color palettes of brilliant
greens, orchid pinks, ocean blues, sunny yellows
and strong neutrals, evokes a beach paradise
where surf, sun and sand meet.

All photos via Kravet.

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  1. I just love the bright colors! Can't wait for Spring to get here adn try some out in my living room :) xoxo


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