Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Decorative Accessories: Orbs

Decorative accessories are most often non-functional, but they do play a role in the room's design; they pull together a scheme, and perhaps they spark a conversation . Personally, I have a thing for round objects - orbs, if you will. They do absolutely nothing, but I love the way they look!

Hollow Iron with Solid Brass Knobs
Dwell Studio

Golden Pod Spikes
inVU Drapery

Mercury Glass Globes
Pottery Barn

Moss Covered Balls
Crate & Barrel

Primitive Wrapped Balls
SilkPlum, Etsy

Solid Wood Spheres
Restoration Hardware

Origami Flower Ball
VidaLouca, Etsy

Veneer Spheres
West Elm

Japanese Temari Ball
SanseiSisters, Etsy
(My Favourite!!)

Do you have a decor weakness which serves no other purpose than to make you smile?


  1. Strangely attracted to vases...even the ones that are useless for holding flowers! That mercury glass is fab!

  2. I am do addicted to spheres!! There is something organic about round accessories! Great round up Pam!

  3. round accessories are so unique. these are very nice. has sense of style


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