Saturday, January 21, 2012

CB2 Opening Preview Party

They're here!!! CB2 held a preview party this evening for media, industry insiders, twitter followers and facebook friends. It was quite a crowd!! Canadians welcomed the retailer with open arms, and if tonight's turnout is any indication, CB2 will enjoy the benefits of this new relationship.

651 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario

I took as many photos as I could, but with so many people in attendance it was hard to get a clear shot of the fabulous furnishings and accessories. I will definitely have to make a trip back to the store soon to get a closer look. This post features some of the cool items I spotted.

These Swirl Sculptures are very industrial and dramatic:

This set of 3 lavender sachets smelled like heaven:

How cool are these Ous hanging tealight holders,
made from hammered brass:

The geometric shapes of the Coup pillow pair
beautifully with the curvy patterns of the Lasso pillow:

These Cage brass pendants were my fave!!

What a fun Relax bedroom vignette
featuring the white Andes bed:

The lines of this Club Piping chair are just as linear
as the 3.14 storage bookcase behind.

The Saga Credenza works as a media center in the
living room and the Yield coffee table wheels away
when it's time to break out the Xbox Kinect.

These shallow, space saving Tesso bookcases
mount directly onto the wall.

Aren't these 15 minute glass timers so whimsical
when filled with chartreuse sand?

How about this Chartreuse TPS File Cabinet &
Bubble Leather Office Chair?

Decorative Grasses & Feathers tuck nicely into the corner.

These Glass Terrariums are so dainty,
used here as bird feeders.

Everything in its place with multiple storage solutions:
coat rack, 3+3 organizer, format shelves,
wall magazine rack and el shelves

Isn't this the coolest cuckoo clock you've ever seen?

This Cloud 16 lounge chair has a Scandinavian vibe:

This Julius sofa is hiding a secret - a full length twin bed.

A salute to recent history:

All photos by Pamela Graham for Cherish Toronto.


  1. Wow, interesting! I love love those cage pendants. I am your newest follower. I love finding Canadian bloggers.

  2. Hi anangloinquebec,
    Thanks for leaving a comment, and also thanks for following Cherish Toronto - you're my 100th :-)

  3. I love CB2 and am so happy they have come to Toronto! Thanks for the sneak peak inside the store. I've been meaning to go check it out! Looks very cool!

  4. Wow, no idea how I missed CB2 finally opening in Canada! Kinda makes me mad that they took my online order last week and are charging me for shipping from the US! hahah

    Very happy to have found a Canadian design blog, you're the first I've come across! I am working on starting my own design business (and blog) later this year.

    internet love, from Kelly (in Waterloo)


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