Saturday, March 17, 2012

Want List, Need List...Same Thing

Chances are I'll be moving for realz in about 6 months, and there are three more BIG purchases I need to make for the new condo. It may be somewhat debatable whether or not I NEED all of these, or whether or not I just WANT them, but hey, to me there's no diff.

Priority #1: New Bed

Since the entire point of purchasing a two bedroom condo was to get a second bedroom for visiting friends and family, I think a new bed is definitely first on the list. My fairly new box spring and mattress will move into the guest room and the headboard is being recovered in a textured grey velvet. Soooo that means the master bedroom will get a brand new bed, and I've officially found the bed of my dreams - a fully upholstered, tufted bed with nail head details:

When imagining the master, the vision has always been for a calm space bathed in lavender, so the best option for this piece will be an ivory velvet with brass nail head trim. By keeping the investment pieces neutral, I can always change the colour scheme in the future with a quick coat of fresh paint.

Priority #2: Living Room Rug

I'm still on the fence when it comes to finding a rug for the living room. I can't decide if I want something graphic & modern or colourful & traditional. I'm hitting up another Empire Auction in a few days, and you never know what I might bring's just so tempting!! The entire living room scheme is on hold until I find just the right rug, but once I find "the one" I'll be able to pull colours for the rest of the decor.

Priority #3: New TV

Okay, okay, okay, this is absolutely a WANT, but it's just so good!! This sweet LED television is only 2.97 cm deep, with a super sleek clear trim. Plus it's so cool that I can stream digital content, navigate the internet, and login to my favourite social apps. It's perfectly stylish and smart!!

Now...who's paying for all this? Please contact me to find out how to donate ;-) Ha!!


  1. Seems like it was gonna be FOREVER until your new place was ready, and now it's just 6 months! Wow. Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

  2. I would donate but the lottery this weekend was not mine... I am so sorry for both of us.
    The headboard is amazing... your a lucky lady for sure...

  3. Cool - I'm going to have to go read your past posts on the new condo to learn more

    That bed is indeed stunning. Would the store happen to have similar upholstered headboards? While my dream would be an upholstered bed I find my current bed frame with 4 big drawers too super practical to give up.

  4. Hi Ava,
    Yes, they do just headboards as well. The program is custom, so you can choose from their fabrics or supply your own, and even tell them how many buttons you want for tufting. Check GH Johnson on Dupont Street.

  5. There's always so much to need/want when you're moving into a new place. It's so exciting, but expensive. It may not all get done before you move, Pam. But don't worry about that, you'll have tons of time after the move to make it perfect.

  6. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Heather. I have to remember that patience is a virtue, and that the journey is half the fun!


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