Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY Challenge: From Inspiration to Creation

Last week, Kisha at Chronicled Blog tweeted about her DIY challenge to other bloggers: From INSPIRATION to CREATION. The concept is simple: Take a project you've been thinking about tackling and get it done.

This is just the kind of challenge (aka kick in the pants) I need to get off my butt and get working on a new DIY. My proposed project is to prep and paint the pair of faux bamboo bedside tables I found just before the new year. I had every intention of having them professionally sprayed, but when the quote I received for the work was beyond the budget, it quickly became a do-it-yourself project.


The finished tables will be a lovely shade of dark grey,
La Cloche Granite, by Para Paints (upper colour):

There is one month to complete the DIY, and the reveal date is Monday, June 18th. You can see some of the 'inspiration photos' I have gathered for this project on my Pinterest board: Faux Bamboo DIY.

There are several bloggers who have taken up the gauntlet. Check out their blogs to read about their INSPIRATION to CREATION projects:

Kristin at Le Fabuleux Destin
DaVida at Da Vida Chanel
Kandyce at Chota Pelee Auto
Renee at RB Squared
and of course,
Kisha at Chronicled


  1. Can't wait to see the finale product!

  2. looking forward to see the finished tables! have fun!! xx

  3. Really excited to see how this turns out. As you know I LOVE these tables and I'm sure they'll look fabulous! Glad the challenge (ahem, kick in the pants...) is just what you needed. Can't WAIT to see!


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