Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finding the PERFECT Rug...

...Mission Impossible?

I've been seeking the perfect rug for several months now. Everywhere. Auctions, estate sales, antique markets and consignment shops, and all to no avail. The Sarouk rug below is my favourite, but at $3200 it's out of my price range :-(

The criteria:

Size must be approximately 6'x9' to fit the living room.
Colours must be vibrant, preferably with a dose of coral.
Pattern should not have a traditional center medallion.

Here are a few contenders which I've found on ebay that are close, but not quite:

Very interesting, but too much teal...

Beautiful, but too pale...

Love the artwork, but again, the colour is just too soft...

This Bijar is fab, but just a bit too small and too green...

The most frustrating part is that without choosing a rug, I can't select a paint colour for the campaign dresser that will serve as the entertainment unit in the living room. The search continues!


  1. It's so frustrating - it took me 2 years to find the perfect rug for my living room and then we moved a year later. Fortunately it works here too.

    Have you tried going to Empire Auctions? They usually have really good rugs at better prices.

  2. really good things take time, hang in there and you will find the right one... have you looked into Surya Rugs, I use them often for clients, really nice rugs at good price points

  3. just read the size you need 6x9 seems really small, I have never done a room (in 15 years of design) that did not need at least a 8x11, wish I was in toronto so I could see your scaled floor plan...
    send me a copy and I will check for you...

  4. You could take a look at Ecarpet gallery online.


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