Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend Activity: Work, Work, Work

As some of you know, spring & summer is a busy time for me at my "real" job. The company I work for operates two retail clothing stores from Victoria Day long weekend until Thanksgiving, and I am largely responsible for the merchandise assortment and presentation. This holiday weekend I'll be at our Grand Bend location, doing my best to help out on the sales floor. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday - have a lemonade for me ;-)
(Please excuse the sunset glare off the window)
All photos via SOUL Underground Facebook Page.

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  1. Love the clothes!!! I was a regional manager for a retail chain for many years and spent many a long weekend working - it's always a bit of a bummer. BUT Grand Bend is a great town and the weather is awesome, so try and enjoy some of it.


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