Friday, September 14, 2012

Down to the Wire

During the past year I've been "squirreling" away stashes of furniture, lighting, mirrors, lamps, art and wallpaper in preparation for the move to the new condo. The theory was that if I purchased these items over time there wouldn't be so many expenses all at once when it's time to take possession. Three cheers for planning ahead!!!

But now that it's getting down to the wire, I realize that there is still so much more :-( Despite the best laid plans there are still several outstanding essentials: I will require the services of a painter and movers, and then there's also the matter of a rug for the living room and a new bed for the master bedroom...

Dining Room Outstanding Items:
  • Ceiling light fixture
  • Fabric to recover dining chair seats
  • Wallpaper? (still under consideration)

Guest Room Outstanding Purchases:
  • None! Ready to Go

The living room won't see too many changes besides the switch to the vintage campaign dresser as entertainment console and hopefully a gorgeous rug. The new home office will be a built in desk and shelving unit near the front hall, which won't require more than a wireless network setup. The master bedroom promises to be the biggest challenge, where I'm planning for a fully upholstered bed, Chinoiserie wallpaper on the focal wall and a sweet PAX wardrobe system.

All in good time, my dear friends, all in good time...

BTW, I have listed the following items for sale on Kijiji. Please tell your friends!!
Ikea Bjursta
West Elm 2x2 White Console Desk


  1. Such an exciting (and expensive) time you're in! Can't wait to see the new place, once you've moved in!

  2. Pam it looks like you're well organized for the big move. I am in the market for a few rugs too so let us know if you find an affordable source. Rugs are so difficult-why is everything I love the price of my first car?!!


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