Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labour Day Already?

On The Road
I can't believe Labour Day weekend is already here. This summer went by faster than any other I can remember - what happened to the entire month of August?!?! On more than one occasion I woke up not knowing what day it was or where I was going that day.

Or Grand Bend...?

Or Wasaga...?
Or Grand Bend...?

You'll note that there are no sun & sand photos featured above - every excursion to and from the beach stores is exclusively for work - no play allowed :-( My role with my employer is that of women's wear buyer and merchandiser, including all visual display for our two retail locations. And as exhausting as it is, the summer months are my favourite time at work, since it gives me the opportunity to be creative.
This holiday weekend is split - I spent Saturday in Wasaga Beach and on Monday I'll be in Grand Bend. With one day to enjoy some leisure time, I decided to spend Sunday afternoon watching the Canadian International Air Show. It was my first time seeing the show, and it was lots o' fun. I am sure you have enjoyed an incredible summer, and I hope you are looking forward to autumn - the cozy season. I plan to get back to blogging on a regular basis, so I hope to see you here more often!!
All photos by Pamela Graham.


  1. We had the Snowbirds here in Tillsonburg last week (I guess they were on their way to the EX). Enjoy your fall - when do you move?

  2. Thanks, Heather. I am looking forward to fall. Moving towards the end of November, so I'm starting to think about packing :-(


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