Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh, The Possibilities!!

As the final closing date for the new condo draws closer, time seems to be slowing down. Fourteen months have passed since I signed on the dotted line, and these final 2 months are going to feel like a lifetime. To pass the time I'm thinking about how to decorate the space, and this week I'm considering the dining area.

The dining area is one of the few spaces with its own wall. Most of "walls" in this condo are floor to ceiling windows, so this real wall is prime real estate!! The current idea is to install chair rail 36" from the floor, with panel molding below and wallpaper or paint above. I have a few pieces which must be used here because (A) they make sense in the dining area and (B) there are no other wall options. The dining wall must accommodate three items I already have: a white console, a pair of aqua glass lamps and a sunburst mirror.

Here are mockups of the possibilities I've considered so far, but since I've just started brainstorming, the options are wide open:

Above Option: Thibaut Shangri-La (White)
Verdict: The combination of the sunburst mirror
and the busy wallpaper is too overwhelming!!

Above Option: Thibaut Shangri-La (no mirror)
Verdict: The wallpaper is great without the sunburst,
but I really want to use the mirror in this space!!

Above Option: Thibaut Shangri-La
Verdict: Love the wallpaper surrounded by half round
trim, but this still doesn't work with the sunburst mirror.

Above Option: Thibaut Fusion Trellis (Aqua)
Verdict: This is a strong contender, since the mirror &
wallpaper work well together. But is it too much aqua?

Above Option: Harlequin Elite (Duck Egg/Gilver)
Verdict: A clean look, and the metallic stripes are
appealing, but it feels underwhelming.

Above Option: Galerie Fresh Floral (Green & White)
Verdict: I like this look!! It's clean & fresh with just a
hint of aqua. Plus I love the fabulous quatrefoil motif.

Above Option: Navy Paint (Such as BM Admiral Blue)
Verdict: It's dark. It's dramatic. It's paint, which
makes it the most inexpensive option.
But it's kinda boring, isn't it?

Above Option: Aqua Paint (Such as BM Glacier Blue)
Verdict: The panels created with half round molding
make this a much more interesting paint option.
(Colour options will ultimately be determined by
the area rug in the adjoining living room.)

PLEEEEEASE tell me what you think!! Any thoughts on the above options? Any ideas to add?


  1. Love the drama of the navy paint with the mirror - very celestial, but perhaps safe and obvious too.

    Of all the wallpapers, my favourite is Fresh Floral - not sure whether the patterns are to scale but there's a nice balance there...much as I love Shangri-La, it's too busy and the stripes lack pizazz. :)

  2. Yay for the new condo and lots of windows!

    I like either the trellis or the quatrefoil the best - they both play so nicely with the mirror and lamps.


  3. If you want to showcase the mirror, then clearly, the painted wall options are the way to go. Aqua is my favourite colour, so I am biased to the aqua paint option. That gorgeous mirror just "pops" with the navy blue option.
    I love the quatrefoil wallpaper pattern the best,{wish it was in aqua instead of green} followed by the trellis.

  4. I vote for the navy paint. It is dramatic and elegant. Wallpaper is so trendy now and it is getting predictable...so it all looks boring to me. The navy paint is bold and confident.

  5. Shangri-la with mirror for sure!


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