Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pretty Crystal Door Knobs!!

A couple of weeks ago I swung by the Ginger's warehouse sale hoping to score a few more of the crystal handles that I used on the vanity doors in the master bath. No luck. However... I did spy two crystal door knobs in a brass finish. A necessary purchase? Not reeeeally. But at 67% off regular retail, I was dazzled by the sparkle and the price!

These crystal knobs replace two of the annoying lever handles in the master suite (I say annoying because they would always catch on my belt loops and pant drawstrings). Now one of these sparkling beauties leads into the closet and the other into the master bath. So lovely, don't you think?

Now if I can just find five more on sale.

PS - I looooove the way the master bedroom colour looks in the Instagram photo above. The colour is Gown (SR9), part of the Sarah Richardson Designer Palette for PARA Paints.


  1. omg I catch pant loops on handle doorknobs all the time! But I do like how easy they are to use when my hands are full, so I wont be replacing mine

    Love the crystal though. I am all for hints of bling :)

  2. I love crystal doorknobs, they make me happy. I always keep my eye out for vintage ones when I'm at vintage stores! Great find!


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