Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014: The Year of Confidence

2014. Hmmm... I've been considering how I want this year to go, and all I know is that I want it to be awesome. To tell the truth, 2013 sucked, and since I can't get a do-over, I'm counting on a much improved year in 2014. Life is what you make it, right? So basically it's up to me to make it better, and to have the confidence to make it so.

Looking back on 2013, I did get a few things accomplished in the new condo through the year...

Above clockwise from top left corner: Guest Bedroom, Guest Bath, Balcony,
Master Bedroom, Lumbar Pillows, Dining Room, Study Nook, Master Bath.

Setting my sights on 2014, I'm kicking it off by finally getting started on what I'm calling "Project Add Character". Look for the hashtag combination of #addcharacter & #trim on Twitter to follow my progress. I'm working with Home Depot Canada and Para Paints on this trim project and I'm confident that this will my best DIY yet!

This trim project will be the last significant DIY for awhile, but there are a few other things to finish in the condo this year:

  • Switch out four remaining ugly lever door handles for crystal knobs like this one. Done January!
  • Find (hopefully on Kijiji) a round glass top dining table to improve flow. Done January!
  • Purchase 2 comfortable counter height stools for the kitchen island. Done January!
  • Figure out where and how to use these chinoiserie panels. Still thinking about it!
  • Change bathroom light fixtures to something less boring and more stylish like these. Done September!
  • Add a small piece of furniture to the master bedroom for extra storage. 2015 for sure!
Once I've crossed all of the items off the list above, it will be time to start saving for a getaway. I haven't really been on vacation (work trips don't count) since I visited Paris in October 2012. Both Heather of Habitually Chic and Tim of Design Maze have recently taken European vacations and their photos have given me the itch to travel. I am confident that I'll be taking a fabulous trip this fall.

"Cheers" to 2014!!
(Anthropologie garland, photo via Pinterest)


  1. I LOVE your style. Have you ever done a home tour on here because I want to see more!!

    1. Hi Casey, and thanks!! I haven't done a home tour yet, I've been waiting to complete the trim on the dining room and living room walls. Once I finish I'll properly photograph those rooms and hopefully put a tour together :)

  2. Hi Pam! Sorry to hear that 2013 wasn't a good year for you. I hope this year turns out better for you! Confidence is also my word of choice...only positive thoughts for me this year. I can be a negative nelly sometimes!

    Looks like you have some amazing projects coming up. I look forward to following you along. Go, Project Add Character! :)

  3. Hi Pam! Just wanted to say that I love those blue lumbar pillows! I somehow missed them when they first went up. Also, I'm into the birds in your guest bath. Did you thrift them?

    Sorry to hear 2013 wasn't the best. I'll cross my fingers for a better year this time around. :)

  4. love all of your 2014 plans and that DIY wall is seriously amazing - can't wait for the reveal - xo


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