Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Why do some bookcases look fabulous and others just look disheveled? Well, I can give you several one word answers: Balance. Reflection. Variation. Contrast.

I recently mentioned that the addition of a compote dish full of marbles led me to restyle my bookcase. Here's the photo:

Organized bookcases are an ideal way to display not only books & magazines, but also photographs, artwork & collectible items. I styled my bookcase by starting in the middle and working my way out, treating the center divider as if it were a mirror.

Balance & Reflection
The linen boxes and ceramic flowers pictured here represent an exact reflection from one side to the other. The use of framed photos on both sides also creates balance, due to their similarity. Notice the repetition again on the bottom shelf with the upright magazine holders.

Variation of height, variation of orientation, variation of shape. To achieve a varied look, some of the openings are full to the top of the space, while others are only half full. Some books & magazines are stacked vertically and some horizontally. Round objects sit atop square items. These variations draw the eye through the display.

There are several different elements within the bookcase which provide contrast. The linen covered boxes, the ceramic figures, the metal photo frames and the marble lotus flower. This mix of elements creates visual interest.

With these basic styling tips, you can organize your bookcase like a pro!!

Here are some other examples of well styled bookcases:

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