Monday, March 30, 2009

WOW Wallpaper!!

Back in February I wallpapered an accent wall in the bedroom with Seabrook Designs Silhouettes wallpaper. Although it's been done for more than a month, it still puts a smile on my face every time I walk in the room - now that's a sign of a job well done!!



The wallpaper creates a beautiful backdrop for the focal wall.

Many people are concerned that if they put up wallpaper, it will be difficult to take it down when they want a change. But wallpaper has evolved, and now it's easier to take down than it is to put up. Several companies offer "paste the wall" products instead of pasting the paper - this method involves using a paint roller to apply paste to the wall and then sliding the paper into position. If wallpaper is applied using this method, it can later be removed by with a simple "lift & peel".

You can transform the look of any room by papering just one accent wall - be prepared to commit 3 or 4 hours to the project from start to finish. Check out all of these amazing wallpaper options:

From Ferm Living:

Ribbed, Turquoise & Gold


These suitcases are a wall decal - even EASIER!!

From Graham & Brown:

Drama, Boheme (Chocolate)

Umbra, Fracto (Shoot)

Linda Barker, Tempting (Slate)

Mode, Darcy (Pearl)

Flock Effect, Elizabeth (Turquoise)

Barbara Hulanicki, Hula (Charcoal/Gold)

From Osborne & Little:

Folia, Clarendon

Pompadour, Du Barry

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  1. I actually love wallpaper ...and really haven't seen it around since the early 80's ...I cannot wait to buy a house ..there will definitely be some wallpaper going up ...even just a wall or two to create a focal point...LOVE!


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