Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can a House Alter My Life?

I have been looking at real estate recently, thinking about how great it would be to own an entire house!! I've got the itch to own a home now that the interior of my current abode is practically complete. I need more rooms to decorate!!! Isn't that a perfectly good reason to buy a house?

But don't get too excited - I'm still considering and thinking, mulling it over. Buying a home in Toronto isn't an option ($$$), and relocation would mean some extreme life alterations. Change is good, right? But change can also be scary. One thing is for sure - I'll have to be swept off my feet by just the right house in order to make the move.

I've been addicted to for awhile now, and I've browsed enough to know what I like - these two "Homes of Interest" have many common features:

Brick Exterior
Front Veranda

I'm going to see both of these properties this upcoming weekend, so stay tuned for updates!!

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