Saturday, June 13, 2009

What I Scored at The Village

Would you believe the highlight of my week came Friday evening at Value Village? It's fun to comb through the haystack in search of needles. Even better, it's a thrill to find interesting pieces before the antique and flea market dealers find them and mark them up!!

Isn't this vintage glass ice bucket with gold trim pretty?
Price: $3.99
The size is perfect to fill with cherries for guests.

Or fill with serviettes to set on a buffet table:

This set of 4 Cornflower pattern fruit nappies is precious.
Price: $2.76
Great for serving sliced fruit, pudding or sorbet.

Made by the Dominion Glass Company Limited.

I love the scalloped edges of this milk glass compote.
Price: $3.99
The perfect vessel for apples & bananas.

Such a unique pressed glass Fire King pie plate.
Price: $2.99
This may prompt me to learn how to bake a pie.

Value Village is a hit & miss game, but if you play often, you can really score!! The final tally for all of the items above? A mere $13.73...sweeeeeeetttt!!!

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