Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dining in The Home Office

Since I write most of my blog entries at home, and since I've been writing Cherish Toronto from my couch for more than a year, the plan was to put a small console style desk in the corner of my living room. Well, finding just the right piece of furniture isn't that easy, and I'm still hunting for a desk or console table which meets the following criteria:
  • Must be 60" wide or less
  • Must be 30" high
  • Must be no more than 18" deep
  • Must be white
  • Must have at least one drawer
  • Must be under $300
In the meantime, I have made the kitchen table into a temporary home office. I don't actually eat at the table that often, so I've decided that the best use of the space is to occupy one end of the table and the console top as Cherish headquarters:

The live/work concept still allows plenty of space at the opposite end for a single girl to enjoy a meal:

On rare occasions when guests arrive for dinner, I can just whisk away the tray of office supplies:

The console holds magazines and reference materials as well as the printer and extra supplies:

Now I can truthfully say the I make use of my kitchen on a daily basis!!


  1. The space looks great and I love your Marc Jacobs Blake bag in the background! xx

  2. @Tide Thanks for the compliments. You've got a good eye for purses ;-)

  3. Using your kitchen table as a temporary home office is a good idea since you do not eat and use that table often. Thanks for sharing this simple yet brilliant idea.


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