Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sarah's House 3 Episode 7

With two kids bedrooms to decorate this week on Sarah's House, Sarah decided that it would be best for her and Tommy to take charge of one room each. Although the original intention was to work independently, Sarah and Tommy work best as a team, and they still consulted with each other before finalizing colour schemes, fabric choices and furniture purchases. The scheme for Sarah's girl's room was inspired by a bright floral fabric, while Tommy chose a fresh fern fabric as a jumping off point for the boys' room.

Key expenditures:
Girls room headboard $1200
Boys room wing chair purchase & reupholstering $1000

Total Budget for both rooms: $20,000
Actual Spent: $19,100

The Girl's Room

The Boys' Room

All photos courtesy of HGTV Canada


  1. Gotta love the ceiling in the boys room. What a subtle way to say "guy" without trucks and trains!

  2. I agree, I thought the ceiling turned out really well. The colour scheme was a unique approach for a boys room - great choices.

  3. Do you know where I can find the floral fabric used in the "girl" room? I looked on the website referenced on the HGTV site, but couldn't find it.

  4. I am interested in the floral fabric as well. Thanks

  5. Andrea & Jan,
    I also had no luck finding the fabric on the website, but I will try to find the information for you. Stay tuned, I will leave a comment here if I find out.

  6. I'm actually very interested in the fern fabric in the boy's bedroom. Have you found any information on that one? Thanks!

  7. Fern Fabric Link

    Any luck on the girl's room floral?

  8. Jan,
    Thanks for the link, but it isn't working for me when I copy & paste it into my browser.
    As for the girl's room fabric, I've sent an email to a member of Sarah's team requesting the manufacturer and pattern name. I will post it here when I receive a reply.

  9. Hi Jan,
    Tried it one more time and it worked. The name of the printed Robert Allen (Beacon Hill) fabric used for drapery and pillows in the boys room is FERN, and the colour is SPRING.
    Thanks to Jan for the link!

  10. Hi: I am glad the linked worked. I did include the Beacon Hill and Spring color info. Maybe it was deleted during the submission approval process? I appreciate following up on the girl's room fabric.

    Thanks again:

  11. Did anyone ever find the girl's room fabric??


  12. If anyone finds the name of the fabric used in the girl's room, PLEASE post it here. I've combed through every supplier on the Telio website with no luck!!

  13. I've also desperately and unsuccessfully been on the hunt for the fabric used in the girl room. Honestly, it's not MY style, but my girls would love it (they share a room; one likes pink and the other likes purple. Something similar to this room would split the difference nicely for us). Has anyone tried calling Telio? I'm not in Canada, so I have no idea how large a facility it is. But I'd think if I had a store that supplied fabric to a television designer for a television show, *somebody* would remember what was purchased or know where to find the sale record.

  14. So sad to see that there was no findings on the floral fabric used in the girls room! I have been unsuccessful as well.


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