Saturday, April 24, 2010

Toronto's Kingsway South Neighbourhood

After this morning's visit to the Kingsway-Lambton Flea Market I took a stroll though the exclusive Kingsway South neighbourhood. The residential streets are lined with beautiful homes, and I couldn't resist taking photos of my favourites. I could totally live there (check the last photo), but properties in this area start at a cool million. I'd better start saving my pennies!!!

This home has my name on it!!!
#9 Strath Avenue:


  1. What a blessed girl to live in such a beautiful neighborhood!

  2. Sally,
    I don't live in the neighbourhood, but I'm hoping that I might in the future!! Every house was sooo beautiful. At this point I'm still on the first rung of the property ladder, but it's a start!!

  3. I love the colonial, too. The Kingsway seems to be a well kept secret. People always reference Forest Hill and Rosedale when exclusive neighbourhoods in Toronto are mentioned. I think the Kingway has more charm.

  4. 9th Strath looks like it's straight out of 50"s TV show, "Leave it to Beaver". So adorable!


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