Monday, October 1, 2012

Moving Along and Moving Soon!!

I've got so many things on my mind right now: entry, study, guest bedroom, dining room, living room, master suite. It's the world's longest "to do" list and it's just a bit overwhelming. To keep my sanity I'm trying to compartmentalize each room, but at the same time the key to a cohesive design is for all of the spaces to work together. Stress!!

The open concept living and dining room are causing me the most anxiety, so I'm leaving them for last. Since the guest room is pretty much a done deal, I'm moving on to the master suite, which is coming together easily (knock on wood). As originally planned, the room will be a tranquil lavender, but the impossible to afford find chinoiserie wallpaper has been put on the back burner.

The walls will all be painted in this super soft shade of lavender: Gown, SR9 from Sarah Richardson's paint collection for Para Paints.

I saw this Gluckstein Home Magnolia bedding months & months ago, and finally purchased a duvet cover and matching shams this past weekend at The Bay (where it's currently 30% off). I chose this because it doesn't scream "purple!" and it has just the right touch of floral. I also purchased the soft lilac sheet set from the Style at Home Collection, they coordinate perfectly!

For accents, I'm going to whip up two lumbar pillows in this combination of purple, ivory and gold loveliness:

Thanks goodness I'm able to use my current bedside table and lamps in the new master, since I still have to purchase one more key item: a bed. I know what I want, but I'm dreading the $$$ deposit.

The walk in closet will get a coat of a slightly deeper shade of purple: SR39, Dusk, also from Sarah Richardson's paint collection for Para Paints. It's going to be so glamorous in there!

This ceiling light fixture has been in my storage locker for about a year now and I can't wait to see it installed!!

I have an ongoing project for this space which I'm procrastinating on just about to start involving a pair of these quatrefoil mirrors and a package of gold leaf:


The master bath has some great finishes, including a French Vanilla marble floor, one of the few upgrades I opted to splurge on:

The soft purple scheme will carry into the ensuite bath with these fabulous and fluffy lilac towels which were gifted to me at last week's Breakfast in Bed event. Thank you, Style at Home!!

Almost at the finish line, and not a moment too soon!! Once I wrap up a few of these final projects I'm off to Paris for a little vacay...oh, did I not mention that? I'm super excited!! Details soon ;-)


  1. Pam, I can't wait to see the final's going to look totally the SR paint colour you chose!!
    Christine xo

  2. your plan is coming together very nicely: soft, feminine, and inviting. Can't wait to see the transformation in progress!

  3. Thanks Christine and Tim. It seems as though I've been in the planning stages for so long, but now that the move in date is less than two months away time is starting to pass very quickly. So much to do still!!

  4. This is going to be beautiful, Pam. Love the mirrors and can't wait to see them when you're done with them.

  5. Wow - your baster bedroom is going to be gorgeous! I love everything - the colour palette, the gold accents, the light fixture, the quatrefoil mirrors... can't wait to see it all done!


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