Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Dragon DIY

I trust that many of you had a lovely Family Day or Presidents Day holiday - depending on where you reside, of course. I spent a fun weekend with my Mom - we watched Olympics, caught The Monuments Men at the theatre, did some shopping, ate some good meals and worked on a DIY project. Because what's a long weekend without a little DIY?

^ Before & After ^

I found a pair of vintage 1980's (is that really considered vintage?) stools for the kitchen island at Around the Block just over a month ago, and the makeover is halfway complete. This past weekend I took the old seat covers off and used them as a pattern to cut the new fabric. I fell hard for Dwell Studio's new Ming Dragon fabric when I saw it on Tonic Living's Instagram feed last October; it's the perfect match to other elements in my open concept kitchen/dining/living area.

I even managed to match the patterns!!

My first time making piping was surprisingly quick & painless :)

Now I'm a bit stuck on what colour to paint the rattan part of the stools. White: too stark? Navy: too much? Gold: too bright? Brown: too boring? Cream: too wishy washy? Any ideas out there...?


  1. I love them!!!! I fell hard for that fabric too and am happy to say it is somewhere on an airplane (or truck or train?) coming from Toronto to little ol' me! I think navy.....would really make them rich looking.

  2. They look great! I think a gloss navy would look great too. That fabric is fabulous.
    I also just learned how to see piping, I wish I'd tried a long time ago. It was so darn easy.
    West of the Square Designs

  3. Nice! I think navy, or even one of the softer blues (not the turquoise) in the fabrics. I suppose it depends somewhat on what's around them though.

  4. Lovely! Part of me thinks you should do with the persimmon colour but that might be too bright, and would probabaly clash a bit with the brass foot rests. While the navy would look amazing I'm wondering if it might be too much since your dining room now has those awesome walls.
    What about the teal colour? It would look good with the navy and the brass

  5. What beautiful fabric Pam.I would like navy - the same colour that is in the fabric - maybe hard to do. I am sure that whatever colour you choose it will be fabulous. Luv Betty at the Beach.


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