Friday, February 14, 2014

Fab New Website: Tiger Flower Studio

When I started blogging in 2009, the blogging community was rather small. Now, 5 years later, many, many people write blogs about various interests such as decor, fashion, food, travel...the list is lengthy. Some write, some read, most do both. With so many special interest blogs out there, companies have turned to bloggers to spread the word about their products & services. I have personally worked with Para Paints, The Home Depot, Masco Canada, Style at Home, Chapters Indigo and West Elm, among others. These are all companies that I'm happy to endorse because I like their products and I appreciate the support they have shown for the blogging community.

The companies I mentioned above are some of my personal favourites, but I receive emails on a daily basis from various PR firms asking me to take a look at this or that (some of the more popular bloggers must get absolutely inundated with messages). I read everything that comes through my inbox, but I only follow up with the companies which I find truly interesting. And so I arrive at my point: Tiger Flower Studio. Wowza!!

 ^ The Blue and White Pavilion by Harrison Howard via Tiger Flower Studio

I received an email earlier this week introducing me to Tiger Flower Studio: a new website which offers "limited edition prints from artists who otherwise work in design, textile and fashion fields". There is so much goodness here!! There are currently five Artists in Design featured on the site: Caitlin McGauley, Gladys Perint Palmer, Kazumi Yoshida, Mita Corsini Bland and Harrison Howard. Those of you who know how much I love chinoiserie will understand why I would totally crush on the work of Harrison Howard. The above print ^ is my last minute Valentine's Day gift request. Check out my other favourites below:

 ^ Red Coat by Caitlin McGauley via Tiger Flower Studio

^ La Belle et La Bete by Kazumi Yoshida via Tiger Flower Studio

^ Brooke Astor's Library by Mita Corsini Bland via Tiger Flower Studio

 ^ Divine Christian Lacroix by Gladys Perint Palmer via Tiger Flower Studio

This select group of talented artists will no doubt be joined by others as Tiger Flower Studio's popularity grows. This website promises to be an amazing source for unique and affordable artwork. I hope you're as excited by this introduction as much as I am. Enjoy!!

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