Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Avoiding Winter Doldrums

Is it possible to avoid the doldrums? Don't we all succumb to a numbing winter routine by the time mid-February rolls around? Well I say NO! We may be stuck indoors, but we don't have to be couch potatoes. Now is the time to complete all those projects we said we'd work on when there was time. No one wants to work on indoor projects when summer returns and the sun is beckoning, so it's now or never!!

For me, I've been sewing in the evenings, thinking about gifts for the upcoming year. Last night I whipped up this cute "No Cash Wallet" from my new Bend the Rules Sewing book:

Organize the desk drawers, clean out the closets, hang some photographs, change a light fixture, paint a name it, there's a project out there just waiting to be tackled.

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