Sunday, February 1, 2009

Design Details: Mirrors

Mirrors are for more than checking your hair - they are the perfect way to visually expand a small space, and if they catch the light in their reflection, they can brighten an entire room. Available in many shapes, sizes, finishes and price points, there's a mirror to suit your home. One thing to keep in mind when positioning a mirror: be mindful of what the mirror reflects.

The mirror in this space has been angled to reflect the patterned ceiling and light fixture:

And again in this bedroom, notice how the mirror is hung at just the right height to reflect the headboard on the opposite wall:

Imagine how these would reflect the light and elements of your home:

Casalife $17o:

Casalife $268:

Ikea NESSANE $59.99:

West Elm Capiz $199 (USD):

West Elm Sun $129 (USD):

Pottery Barn Starburst $99 (USD):

Martha Stewart Furniture Seal Harbor Acanthus-Leaf:

Crate & Barrel Sutton $449 (USD):

Venetian (ebay) $349 (USD):

Gold Gilt (ebay) $3999 (USD):

Art Nouveau Gilded (etsy) $123 (USD):

With all these choices, there is a mirror out their to suit your taste and your budget. Which style do you think is the fairest of them all?

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