Monday, February 9, 2009

IDS 2009 Favourites

I spent Sunday afternoon at the Interior Design Show in Toronto, and it was interesting to see what's available in the marketplace. There were several new companies alongside established vendors, offering design inspiration from the floor right up to the ceiling.

Today I'm sharing my top 4 inspirational vendors:

#1 Chromalab (

Tucked into a tiny corner booth, Chromalab caught my eye with colourful furnishings that have been reinvented to add a splash of design fun to any space. I love the way they've repurposed old pieces or generic Ikea pieces simply by painting them and swapping out the hardware for something more unique. These simple changes make a tired item look new and fresh.

Chromalab also creates the clocks you see on the wall. If you have a particular pattern in mind, Alicia and Tony can produce a custom order especially for you. I was thinking how great some of the retro fabric designs I blogged about last week would look on a clock face.

#2 Soon Cho (

A textile designer, Soon Cho has a brilliant creative spirit that led him to create these remarkable light fixtures. As I first looked at these lamps, I didn't realize what I was seeing and it was several moments before I realized how that they had been constructed from plastic straws. Cho starts with basic Ikea Horup floor lamps, then removes the paper shades and recreates them by weaving together thousands of household drinking straws. Brilliant!!

#3 Tansy & Co.

I knew I would be imressed by this company when I previewed it online prior to attending the show. Sandy Middleton has blended her photography and design talents onto lampshades, clocks & throw cushions.
Bonus: Tansy & Co. is based in St. Catherines, and it's always a pleasure to support Canadian talent.

#4 Kosoy & Bouchard

Another talented Canadian design duo whom I blogged about in the previews, these two Toronto based artists did not disappoint!! While Michelle (Kosoy) works wonders with the ceramics, Pierre (Bouchard) creates stunning pieces in glass. While some pieces are breathtakingly beautiful works of art, others are more functional, and I loved ALL of it!!

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