Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stop Me Before I Rearrange Again!!

The itch struck me again tonight - my poor bookshelf has once again been restyled, and this time it landed on its head!! Truth be told, I'm trying to make room for a desk in the corner of my living room, so I thought I would try putting the shelves in the entryway instead. I'll live with this setup for a few days before I decide if the arrangement works.



This console table from West Elm is a top contender for a desk to fit into the corner of my living room - it's small & sleek. A vintage piece would be great here, but it's almost impossible to find a desk with the right dimensions.


  1. Love your ingenuity, switching the horizontal bookcase to a vertical space. Looks clean and modern. And I think you are right about the desk - a vintage one would be very hard to find in this narrow shape. Happy New Year

  2. Thanks for the compliment Heather! I went to West Elm, but the console table is too high to use as a desk (unless I chop 3" off the legs), so I'm still looking.


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