Monday, December 7, 2009

Vintage Toronto Sketches

I know I'm constantly going on about all the great deals to be found at Value Village, but I should let you know that The Salvation Army thrift stores can be equally as fruitful. Just last month I found this pair of vintage ink sketches featuring popular Toronto landmarks St. Lawrence Hall and "New" City Hall. Considering the age of the automobiles in the renderings and that fact that "New" City Hall opened in 1965, I estimate these sketches to be about 40 years old.

I had the basic pale wood frames replaced with modern black ones and had the sketches mounted with double mats in charcoal and black. Now these sketches hang proudly in my home, a little bit vintage, a little bit modern, and a lot Toronto.

To find a Value Village near you follow this link and enter your zip or postal code.

To find a Salvation Army Thrift Store near you follow this link and search locations.


  1. Love this post! There are so many finds to be found at Value Village AND at the Sally Ann. (And at Goodwill, of course.) That said, I've noticed art work prices going up lately. I found two similar drawings at my local Goodwill just a week ago, and they were priced at $20 each! Not exactly out of my range, but not dirt cheap as I'd hoped. Anyway, just wanted to say beware rising prices.
    Jen Selk Chic

  2. I have the same City hall sketch along with 6 others by the same artist....does anyone know who the artist is?...if so please reply to


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