Monday, February 7, 2011

New Discovery: Open Studio

The arts are alive and well in Toronto, with several galleries and studios quietly thriving behind the brick facade of a historic building at 401 Richmond Street West. The art community has been growing here for a number of years, all without my knowledge - can you believe that?

I made this discovery quite by accident last Sunday as I toured through Studio North at the interior design show. I was attracted to the Open Studio exhibit by a mixed media piece entitled Floating Village #11 by artist Loree Ovens. I want this piece, it's just so amazing!

Wanting to see more, I visited Open Studio this weekend at 401 Richmond Street West. There are three galleries located within the space, and each is filled with work by local artists. I had a wonderful time chatting with Liz Menard, who is currently showcasing her work Wasteland and The City.

Open Studio is a non-profit, charitable arts organization which provides artists with studio space and production facilities. The print sales program is available to anyone wishing to start an art collection, or add to an existing one. Plan to visit Open Studio during gallery hours: Noon to 5 pm Tuesday to Saturday.

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