Saturday, February 5, 2011

Toronto Vintage: Queen West Antique Centre

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Shannon of What's Up Whimsy and her friend Ness for a little vintage browsing at Queen West Antique Centre. In Toronto's west end, where Queen intersects King (@Roncesvalles), there is a mecca of shops for vintage lovers. If you're seeking a sleek teak console, cool industrial storage, or perhaps a rare Eames shell chair, you're apt to find what you're looking for at QWAC. Just be prepared to pay market value, this is not your neighbourhood thrift store.

Cool Stuff to Sit On

Walter Nugent Teak Couch

Eames Upholstered Shell Chairs in Need of TLC

Eames Shell Chairs Stackable Set of Four

Set of Four Industrial Stools

Cool Random Stuff

Industrial Storage

Tons of Trophies

Vibrant Map of the U.S.A.

Rotary Dial Telephones

Pinball and Board Games


Horsey Ride Anyone?

Queen West Antique Centre is affiliated with FILTER at 75 Jarvis Street (north of King), where they stock all of the really good stuff that's in perfecto condition. Check them out too!!


  1. Very cool stuff. And how fun to meet up with other bloggers!

  2. I love the store as well .. . has been too long since I last visited it.

    maybe instead of the coffee, we should go visit some stores together!

  3. What a great afternoon we had!! I loved this store!!

  4. @Rambling Renovators I love how awesome the Toronto blogging community is!!

    @Tim We can do coffee and shop, why not shoot for the stars?

    @Shannon We sure did, and we'll have to do it again!!

  5. Sounds like a really fun time!

    Love the colourful games.


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