Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sarah 101: Episode 6 Boho Chic Girls' Rooms

This week on Sarah 101, Sarah and Tommy chose a colourful tea towel from Anthropologie as the jumping off point for the boho chic scheme of a bedroom and nursery for three little girls. The designers pulled colours from the towels to select broadloom, fabrics and paint colours. Listen to these intriguing paint colour names: Growing Pains, Cucumber Sandwiches, Fireflies, Brunch with Friends, Ooh Long Tea, Slapshot and Schmooze.

Tommy's mantra for these rooms: "Fabric, Furniture, Floors, Fun"


Coral (Ooh Long Tea)
Red (Schmooze)
Pale Blue (Slapshot)

Sarah runs a striped fabric horizontally for dramatic
effect on this vintage channel back chair:

A large vintage dresser in perfect condition
provides ample storage:

The inspiration tea towel for this room
becomes an adorable laundry bag:

An unusual light fixture casts an interesting pattern
on the ceiling when a clear light bulb is used:


Blue (Growing Pains)
Green (Cucumber Sandwiches)
Pale Yellow (Fireflies)

Animal shapes cut from vintage wallpaper are so fun!!
The inspiration tea towel appears as a pillow:

A pair of bedside tables are sprayed blue (Brunch with Friends)
and treated to pretty new drawer pulls:

This plain dresser gets dressed up with a
two tone paint treatment and sparkly hardware:

In classic Sarah style, this room incorporates
a mix of multiple patterned fabrics:

The rooms were very colourful, very kid friendly and very fun, indeed!!

Photos courtesy of HGTV Canada.


  1. We don't get this programme in Bermuda (we have U.S. HGTV), so it's lovely to at least see the pictures along with the summary of details... Mant thanks!

  2. good summary Pam! I think I will do one when we reached the mid-point of Sarah 101.. ..

    let me know when you are available to meet up for coffee and I can show you the "Sarah's Book".

  3. She makes me want to paint ALL my furniture.. just paint all of it

  4. Does anyone know where I can order the animal wallpaper. I love this idea

  5. Here is the information regarding the animal wallpaper from HGTV's Sarah 101 Source Listing:

    Galerie CO
    5235 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC

  6. I would like info about that absolutely charming stainless steel ceiling fixture...Oh, the possibilities !!

  7. I am trying to track down the glass drawer pulls used in the girls' room. Any ideas?

    1. Try Anthropologie, they have a good selection of glass knobs.


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