Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IDS Trends from ELTE, IKEA

There were a few trends that showed at IDS this year: Bright Colours. And Black. What a contrast!

Bright Colours: At ELTE, the focus was on Second Life Rugs which is "A collection of Turkish & Persian antique rugs and kilims which have been neutralized, redyed and given a 'Second Life' in cool, contemporary colours." This revitalization opens up the antique rug market to a larger audience, since these rugs look appropriate in both traditional and modern environments. The practice also keeps these older rugs in homes and out of the landfill.

Black: The Ikea booth at the centre of the IDS floor featured an ALL BLACK "goth" kitchen. What a difference from last year's booth!! Picture black cabinetry, black counter tops, black fixtures, black back splash. To stimulate visual interest, there is a mix of textures - a resplendent counter top, a glossy faucet, shimmering back splash tiles and a dash of stainless steel. I think Ikea went overboard for dramatic effect, but this clearly signals the dethroning of the all white kitchen.

All photos by Pamela Graham for Cherish Toronto.


  1. Pam,

    Wow. I don't know what to say. My name is Andrew Metrick. Elte was started by my great grandfather, which makes my brother and I the fourth generation in the family business. I guess I'll start off by thanking you for featuring us on your blog. The response from people both at the show and after has been amazing. We're so thrilled that people liked what we put together. My family and I were just happy that we got a chance to meet so many amazing people at IDS. I don't know whether we got to meet or not but I had to thank you for all of your kind words. I also have to thank you for taking such amazing pictures of our booth. They're stunning! Anyway, thank you once again. Definitely point yourself out the next time you stop by Elte or Ginger's. I'm always happy to come say hello.

    All the best,


  2. Andrew,

    I'm so flattered that you are happy with the post and photos. I will definitely ask for you the next time I stop by.


  3. Love love love the carpets! Not so keen on the black kitchen. It's one of those things that looks nice but might be hard to actually live with (for more than a year or 2). Thanks for the photos!

  4. I'm still sitting on the fence with the carpets. I like the idea of having new life to an old antique carpet.. but dying them in colors and then putting back together and going for $3K .. . . I think I will need some digesting on this idea. Though I do like the yellow one you showed here.

    As for the black kitchen, I love the pictures you took as I never had a chance to check out the Ikea booth. .. it was packed every time I walked pass it and I was there for a good 6 hours! Thanks for the great pics!

    I finally got around to post a few entry of the IDS 2011. I just finished the one about the RxR creation. .. Check it out Pam!

  5. Loved the black Ikea kitchen and thought it was the most exciting display at the show. Wish that I had taken photos and was pleased to find them here. Thank you for that.


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