Thursday, March 24, 2011

CityLine Taping & Tweetup

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend a taping of CityLine (@citylineca) at the CityTV studios downtown. The episode (scheduled to air next Tuesday, March 29th at 9am EST) focused on women who blog and tweet. The audience was made up of four core groups: beauty bloggers, food bloggers, mommy bloggers, and decor bloggers. Everyone had a great time, and the audience was very enthusiastic. Most of us were tweeting up a storm while the show was taping, which was slightly out of the ordinary, but made #CLParty a trending topic on Twitter in Toronto!!

Tracy (@tracycityline) was an A-mazing host!
The many faces of Tracy:

All the cool kids sat in the decor section:
Back Row L to R: @ShannonKFitz, @JenSelk,
@CherishToronto (+ an unknown beauty blogger)
Second Row L to R: @SecondWindAna, @VerdigrisVie,
@VanessaJFrancis, @GlamaMama
Front Row L to R: @bijouandboheme, @meredithheron

Throughout the show there were lots of giveaways from @ShaToBu, @NourishTea, @BenjaminMoore, @LeeValleyTools, @MACcosmetics, @Vasanti, @L'Oreal and @HeresHardCandy. Thanks to all of the vendors for such great products!!

Afterward, all of the bloggers were invited to a lunch time tweetup over at the Ritz-Carlton on Wellington West. Ooh La La!! Thanks so much to Cityline for hosting this event, it was such a treat, and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Great food and great friends are always a winning combination!!

Decor Bloggers,
The Group Photo @ The Ritz-Carlton:

Don't forget to watch CityLine next Tuesday morning,
March 29th at 9 am (EST)!!


  1. Looks like a great time! Wish I'd been able to make it.

  2. is that why i don't get to go? cuz i'm not a female????

    lol... ..

  3. Great recap Pam! Never been called a cool kid before - I like it! Wonderful to see you again. Hope we weren't too bothersome with our picture taking! Keep on going with your decor business and feel free to contact if you have any questions.

  4. @Vanessa
    You ladies are all beyond awesome!!

  5. What a fun recap Pam. They really did a great job bringing us together, and reresenting!

    I saw you last night but never officially made it over to chat with you. Hope you had fun..


  6. Pam, What a great post on our fun Tuesday morning with the Cityline family!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  7. Fab recap...always great to see you!

  8. I had such a wonderful time at this event and can hardly wait until Tuesday!!!!! May I use the group photo in my blog ( I will link it to yours?)
    My pic's were all blury - so much for HD camera on the iphone.
    Hope we can meet again soon. You were wonderful!

  9. Awesome recap! Had a great time!

  10. on the pictures, are these cup cake ?!!

  11. Cupcakes or brownies, not sure to be honest. I'm not a chocolate lover, so I didn't try these - but they sure looked pretty!


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