Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sarah 101: Episode 10 Neutral Master

Last night on Sarah 101, Sarah and Tommy decorated another room that was stuck in the 80's - this time a large master bedroom. It was time to strip away the lace, ruffles & flowers and make room for clean & simple timeless design. As is often the case, the jumping off point for this room started at Designer Fabrics, with the selection of a wide stripe in neutral tones of linen and white. The wide stripe was used as drapery, and set a calm tone for the space which the designers built upon with a matte tone on tone wallpaper. Touches of lavender were added throughout the room to provide just a hint of accent colour.

Sarah taught us that when wallpapering an entire room, it is a good idea to prime the walls with a paint colour similar to the main colour of the wallpaper. This way, if the wallpaper spreads slightly along the seams, any colour showing through will blend. Another lesson learned is that when working with low ceilings, select crown moldings with a shallow height.

While hunting for furniture to fill the room, Sarah found a $95 vintage king size headboard of which Tommy didn't wholeheartedly approve. However, when sprayed white and backed in a sweet polka dot fabric, the headboard turned out to be quite lovely, sitting just below the window.

Sarah also found a pair of vintage end tables for $175. For. The. Pair. Measuring 26" x 26", the size of the tables was appropriate for the scale of the new king size bed. In classic Sarah style, she had them sprayed and then topped each with a custom cut antique mirror.

A pair of diamond tufted chairs are reupholstered in a tone on tone paisley pattern, and accented with lavender faux silk pillows. A $25 table is given a second life as a bench at the foot of the bed with upholstered linen inserts.

A vintage chandelier with five lights is the perfect amount of illumination for a bedroom of this size. Sarah chose this fixture because the brass accents echo the metal of the bedside table lamps. The chandelier adds a touch of sparkle to the room without being over the top.

Tommy selected a large vintage dresser to provide drawer storage for the bedroom. At $700, it wasn't a bargain, but because the piece was in excellent condition, it didn't require any labour intensive refinishing.

Did you enjoy this episode of Sarah 101?
What did you think of this neutral master bedroom?

All photos courtesy of HGTV Canada.


  1. I loved everything, except the fabric used for the back of the headboard. In an old episode of Design Inc, where Sarah was decorating a bedroom of a woman who lived above their office space, a very similar colour was referred to by Sarah as the colour of "granny's underpants", and it's true, it's all i think of now whenever i see it.

  2. I love almost everything Sarah does! What a clever idea about painting the wall underneath the wallpaper.

    Thanks for showing this!

  3. Thank you for posting pictures of Sarah 101 on your blog. This is the only way I can see them since I live in the US! Wonderful. Keep up the good work.

  4. Loved the whole show, the best part was how they transformed the chairs, totally covering the wood arms was an interesting idea that came out... wow.
    I to say thank you for posting the pictures from the show, I enjoy seeing still shots.
    Regards, CarolAnn

  5. Hi: Does anyone know the name of the company Sarah uses for upholstering her furniture? Thanks

  6. @Anonymous,
    This is the information from the HGTV Canada website regarding the upholstering company Sarah uses:
    Silva Custom Furniture
    50 Alexdon Rd., Toronto, ON


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