Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sarah 101: Episode 12 Fresh Laundry

Last night on Sarah 101, Sarah and Tommy spruced up a basement laundry room with industrial rubber floors, new machines, classic ceramic tiles, several vintage finds, and simple DIY artwork. Voila!! A dull and dreary room was transformed into a pleasant space to fluff and fold!

Tommy found the sweet vintage light fixture while out shopping, and it added a touch of sparkle to the room. The mint green rubber floors were the jumping off point for the space, and the walls were treated to a cheerful coat of SR6/Butter, from Sarah's line of paint colours for Para Paints.

What's a Sarah Richardson design without a hit of vintage? Sarah had a cupboard made to fit above the washer & dryer, but she chose to use a pair of reclaimed doors instead of new, then finished it off with a glazed paint treatment.

The corbels used as shelf supports were also great vintage finds. Repurposing these beautiful architectural pieces adds visual interest to the space and keeps history out of the landfill.

Sarah purchased tall cabinets from a big box store and had them sprayed the same colour as the vanity on the opposite wall. Mounting a bar between these cabinets provides a spot to hang dry clothing.

With no money left in the budget for artwork, Sarah took on an easy DIY project. Working with the wall and floor colours, Sarah glued groups of buttons with interesting features onto mats and popped them into shadow boxes. Cute & simple!

The final episode of Sarah 101 will air next week.
But don't forget we have Sarah's House 4 to look forward to :-)

All images courtesy of HGTV Canada.


  1. Hi I was just wondering what button store you went into because it looks absolutely fabulous and I need to go at once.

  2. Thank you for the episode. The laundry looks great. I was wondering if we could get more info on the industrial rubber flooring. I can't seem to find it, thank you.

    1. You may be able to find more information at the HGTV page for Sarah 101 episodes.


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