Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Colour Schemes

Are you thinking about getting your outdoor space ready for spring? Whether it's a small city balcony, a tranquil village veranda, or a secluded cottage deck, fabrics are the key to adding splashes of colour to your outdoor oasis. I've put together a collection of pretty outdoor fabrics which are available now at Designer Fabrics.

Whoever coined the phrase "blue & green should
never be seen" never saw these patterns:

These bright colours make me think of
lazy afternoon summer picnics:

One more scheme for all the nautical lovers:

One of my weekend projects is to sew cushions for the balcony. I hate to admit this, but I bought the fabric last year!! Better late than never, I guess ;-)


  1. I used that same fabric too!! now i wonder what did you pick for your outdoor fabric scheme this year.

    check out my spring/summer 2011 look here:

  2. so better late than never, for sure! looking forward to seeing the finished pillows...


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