Monday, March 7, 2011

Intro to Design Maze

This is the living room of fellow Toronto design blogger Tim Lam, who writes Design Maze. I love the way Tim uses slipcovers and pillows in colourful fabrics to add a sense of the season to his space. On March 17th, his entire condo will be featured on CBC's Steven & Chris, or for more immediate gratification, visit the Design Maze blog and website.

Welcome to the Toronto design blogging community, Tim!!


  1. Thanks for the kind words and featuring me on your blog! I had so much fun this time around with the bold pink and vivid green in the living room.

    Looking forward to seeing the segment aired on March 17th!

  2. Wow. Love the look. You left me wanting more. Looks like I'll be heading over to Tim's blog. Great post, great photo.

    Keep it up.

  3. Nice! I love learning about new bloggers in the area!

  4. Thanks for introducing us to Tim - I'm on my way to check out his new blog in a minute :-)

    Totally digging the green sofa with white piping and the black patterned chair. And the bright pink cushions really brighten up the room :-) Very nice :-)

    Oh, and just realized that's a mirrored wall - it literally makes the room look twice as big as it is!

  5. Tim's spring living room looks great. I'll be watching March 17th!


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