Friday, January 16, 2015

A New Weekend...A New List

Another week over? That was fast!! It feels as though I just made last weekend's "to-do" list and here it is, Friday night, and I'm working on a new one. I may be setting the bar a bit too high this weekend, since I have to be in the mood for step 4 (caulking), and if that doesn't get done I can't move onto task 5. We'll see how it goes.

Weekend To-Do:

1) Cut to length all trim for both interior doors in front hall. (Last weekend's leftover task.)

2) Paint all lengths of trim & both interior doors in front hall in Aspen Valley green. (Remember to pick up a new roll of Frog Tape!!)

3) Nail trim onto doors, fill nail holes & sand when dry.

4) Caulk around all trim.

5) One more coat of paint on all trim to touch up nails holes and cover caulk.

6) Go through the last three years of Style at Home & House Beautiful magazines and tear out inspirational pages, recycle the leftovers. (I have eight years of Canadian House & Home which I can't bear to destroy.)

Anyone else DIY'ing and Organizing this weekend? Tell me I'm not alone!!

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