Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Painted...Again

I hinted at pretty pictures yesterday, so I thought I should follow that up with a little something today. New Year's Day is always the best in terms of enthusiasm, and I got off to a great start with a bit more painting. A co-worker asked me today how big my condo is, because he couldn't understand how I am always painting... To be honest, my condo is not extremely large, but I am the slowest painter in the world. Last year I painted the dining room wall, then a month later I painted the living room wall. Now I've finally finished the wall at the end of the entrance hall which wraps around the guest room doorway and connects to the dining room.

Sorry for the grainy photos. I'm planning to break out the good camera for better photos soon. I'm hoping to put together a "whole home" tour!!
I circled this area on the floor plan below to illustrate where these walls are in relation to the overall layout of the condo. Now all of the walls throughout the open concept space are painted the same shade of navy blue, Para's Marine Bay (P5156-75).


The only walls remaining unpainted are in the front foyer and entrance hall and I'm having a really hard time making a colour decision for this area. I started to consider a green scheme after falling in love with Farrow & Ball's "Brockhampton Star" wallpaper pictured below, but I'm not 100% convinced that it's the right way to go.

The other colour I've been playing with in my head is a blush pink such as Ralph Lauren's "Old Garden Rose". The tricky part is where the two paint colours meet in the study area. I worry that there's too much contrast between the pale pink and the bold navy.

I'll suppose I'll get there eventually, just give me some time. Or give me some suggestions if you have any!!


  1. For some reason, I always thought this desk area was in your bedroom. Love the gold detailing. I think the pink would be a lovely welcome into your home!

  2. Love the blue, looks fabulous!
    I think the pink would look lovely, soft and inviting and would contrast nicely against the blue where it meets.You could always add in a gold detail separating the two colours.

  3. Oh Pam I love the navy. I think the pink would look lovely and really separate the desk area. Betty from the Beach


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