Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Check Off & A Solid Front Hall Plan

On Friday I posted a "to-do" list for what I needed to get done over the weekend. I love that I did this, because it meant that I didn't end up languishing on the couch thinking "I can do all of those things next weekend". I tackled that list and although it may have been a tad too ambitious, most jobs were checked off.

Let's revisit the list:

1) Pick up paint test pots of 2-3 various shades of blush pink for front hall. Done
2) Source brass curtain rod for my mom's ongoing den makeover. Done 

3) Sand & prime trim moulding for two interior doors in front hall. Done
4) Prime both interior doors in front hall. Done
5) Cut to length all trim for both doors. Incomplete. Distracted by Golden Globes red carpet.

Testing paints in the front hall was interesting. Within seconds of brushing it on, I knew that the blush pink wasn't going to work. The colour was so soft that it didn't show up at all, so immediately I returned to my original plan of Farrow & Ball's Brockhampton Star wallpaper. I tested Para's Aspen Valley in a few spots and I gotta say, I was mucho happy with the look:

The Aspen Valley is a hint lighter than the wallpaper, which is for the
best since the front entry hall doesn't get much natural light:

Here's the plan to combine the paint and wallpaper. Wallpaper is expensive, but with this idea, I'll only need to purchase one roll, keeping the project budget friendly. The plan is to trim out the front entry wall (already done!) and hallway doors (working on it!), paint everything out in Aspen Valley, then install wallpaper within the moldings. Easy peasy, right?

My goal is to get this done and dry before this year's Oscar party which happens the weekend of February 22nd. I think I can, I think I can!!

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