Monday, January 5, 2015

So...It's 2015

**Warning** This post involves a lot of words. So... if you're here for pretty pictures, please check back tomorrow :)

It's the start of a new year. There's just so much potential in the months ahead. Sure, so much potential. I have to admit, however, that I doubt I'll do anything earth shattering this year. At the end of 2015 I expect that I'll weigh about the same, I'll be in the same job, I'll be driving the same car and I'll be living in the same place. Maybe I'll have a few more grey hairs & slightly deeper wrinkles...

Despite all of that ^^^, it actually goes without saying that the year ahead holds potential for the little joys of life. I plan to complete a few projects around the condo, and I still hope to find just the right dresser for the corner of my master bedroom (that was on last year's list). I'll help some friends with a master bath "refresh". Really, anything can happen!!

When I started Cherish Toronto six years ago, I was so enthusiastic that I posted every almost every other day for the first three years. I often wrote about my own home, but there were more personal things thrown in there too; exploring the places I visited, sharing spaces I found inspirational, talking about Toronto events to attend, bragging about fabulous thrift finds. This year I want to get back to that.

Things really started to slow down on the blog in early 2012 when I started to over-think every post. Bloggers were being encouraged to blog consistently, to have a clear message, to edit content, to create an editorial calendar. What the what?!?! Right then & there I lost my enthusiasm for blogging, although I didn't realize it at the time. Looking back I can see where it happened, and Cherish Toronto took a hit. 86 posts a year. 47 posts the next. Just 27 posts last year. I felt that if I didn't have a project to share, if I hadn't done...something...then it wasn't worth writing about.

It's time to turn this bus around, and I'm going to get back to my old blogging style and share, share, share. The next time I go to an antique shop or the auction, you're gonna know about it. If I make an interesting discovery, the whole world is gonna find out. If I score at the thrift store, trust me, you'll hear about my treasure hunting skills.

Maybe I'll do something earth shattering this year after all.


  1. I totally agree!! There arent enough Toronto condo bloggers out here and Id love to see more posts on life stuff too!!

  2. I am so happy to hear that you're going back to what makes you happy! So important. And, as for me, I will be thrilled to hear all about the antique shops and all your great finds!! Keep on blogging, you're in control of the content...don't listen to anyone else but yourself ;)

  3. That is so good to hear that Pam! I agree with Casey... I love seeing your ideas for small spaces (not that your condo is that tiny!). I think you have great taste too and like to see your rooms evolve. Your are so thoughtful about your choices and the things you put in your home. Cheers to a new blogging-filled year!


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