Friday, January 16, 2009

Magazine Wrangling

So I was observing the clutter that inevitably builds up around my house, and I thought, "What's the deal with magazines? Why can't I just throw them away?" Of course if I did get rid of them I would recycle them, but the point is that I keep them. Forever. This situation applies in particular to home decor magazines because maybe, just maybe, I might need them for reference some day. I currently have subscriptions to both Canadian House & Home and Style at Home, which means that I never miss a month, and haven't for the past several years. Which brings me to today's topic: Magazine Wrangling.

I know I'm not the only one!! Just look at this photo of Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from the set of Sex & The City:

Magazines can be wrangled at many price points. Here are 3 examples of inexpensive upright magazine holders:

Flyt $2.99 package of 5, Ikea

Kasset $4.99 ea, Ikea

Mackis $8.99 ea, Ikea

You may recall seeing one of the storage bags pictured below in the photos from my Living Room post. They are completely hand made by Jenna Rose, a Hamilton-based artist and designer. Although they can be used to hold just about anything, I use mine beside the couch to keep the most recent issues close at hand.

Storage Bags $50, Jenna Rose

The designers at Umbra always manage to come up with new & inventive pieces, and this stool from Karim Rashid is no exception, combining magazine storage with seating:

Magino Stool, $320 Umbra

These are all great options for wrangling those stray magazines, but I think it's time to admit my addiction.
"I'm a magazine-aholic."
And with that statement, the road to recovery lies ahead. It's time to gather up all my magazines, sit down at the table, review them page by page and keep only what I love.
But for now I think I'll keep 2008.

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  1. Hi Pam... I'm with you on the magazine situation. I have subscribed to H&H for about 5 years! If it weren't for the space factor I wouldn't throw any out EVER! I love your finds on solutions though...


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