Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Not a Luxury Spa, It's Simply...The Bathroom

Have I mentioned that I live in a downtown Toronto condo? The entire unit is a modest 630 square feet, of which the Bathroom occupies a mere 40 square feet. It may only be 5'x8', but it sure is pretty!

Here's How it Looked on Move-in Day:

And Here's How it Looks Now:

To warm it up, all it took was a splash of colour on the walls, a few useful accessories and some key pieces of art. The walls are painted in Sherwin-Williams "Tidewater", and I managed to find an almost perfect colour match in the ice blue terry Gluckstein Home shower curtain.

Original Art in the Bathroom?

Apparently it's okay! I checked with the professionals at Canvas Gallery on Dupont Street where I purchased this piece by Sue Tupy, and I was given the go-ahead to hang it wherever I wanted. If you shell out on a piece of original art that you really love, you should display it where it can be cherished every day.

Photography Too?

Why not? Beside the sink I've hung two of my favourite photos taken in New York City. The crystal blue skies in these photos were meant to be a feature on this sliver of wall. Every day when I see these images, I'm reminded of the promenade across the Brooklyn Bridge and the afternoon spent wandering through Central Park.

Never Enough Bathroom Storage:

With a lot of stuff to store, but very few places to store stuff, sometimes it's best just to put it all out there. Within reason, of course! These glass canisters from Ikea are the perfect place to keep extra poufs and bubble bath, and I always know when supplies are running low.

That sums it up for this little space.

Tomorrow: Surprise!

The What & The Where:

Shower Curtain: Gluckstein Home, The Bay $40 (sale!)
Liquid Soap Dispenser: House & Home, The Bay $12
Glass Canisters: Ikea
Photo Frames: Ribba, Ikea
Eggs II Original Artwork by Sue Tupy: Canvas Gallery

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