Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kitchen & Dining Room: Not Just for Looks?

I recently decided (yesterday) that I would give my sofa a well-deserved break, and that from now on I would sit at the dining table to write my blog, as well as to conduct any other long term web surfing. Not only is my couch relieved at this, but my neck is thankful as well! The point of this is that my kitchen/dining area is sorely underutilized, as I tend to enjoy a take-out lifestyle, and this is my effort to use the space more often.

This is my Kitchen/Dining area Before:
This photo looks into the Kitchen/Dining area, but it also catches the wall in my Living Room area from yesterday's post (where the starburst mirror is mounted). You can see that when moving into a new build, everything is fresh, new and very, very WHITE.

Here's how the Kitchen/Dining area looks today:
The kitchen came equipped with cupboards and appliances, so it was simply a matter of adding in a few key pieces of furniture to provide more storage and somewhere for company to sit for dinner. This has actually happened once or twice (with the help of Mom).

A wooden table would have felt heavy in this space, so I chose to go with this glass and chrome table from West Elm in Liberty Village. The chrome base and glass top are sold separately, which allows the option of selecting a small or large top depending on the space. I went with the 36"x60" glass which is just the right size. The chairs are Gilbert chairs from Ikea, and at only $69 a chair, it just made too much sense, since they have the right aesthetic and they're actually really comfortable. The area rug defines the dining area, and the combination of soft robin's egg blue with brown relates back to the living room.

How I use the Sideboard:
The white Torsby sideboard on the back wall is also from Ikea, and I love the sleek lines and glossy white finish. This was a MUST purchase for storage, and I keep all of my large kitchen items inside it (mixing bowls, cake plates, baking tins...), while at the same time it provides a surface for display. Guests never have to ask where the mugs are, and I'm always ready to hostess if someone pops by for coffee. Keeping a bowl on the end near the door provides a spot to throw my keys & cell phone when I get home, and now I never stress over misplaced items when it's time to leave for work in the morning. The basket underneath is a chic version of the blue box, where I store my recyclables until it's time to take them down to the chute. The photos on the wall are my own, taken at Toronto's City Hall, and mounted in ready-made frames.

That concludes today's tour of the kitchen & dining area.
Coming next: The Bedroom

The What & The Where:

Torsby Sideboard: Ikea $369
Gilbert Chairs: Ikea $69 ea
Hicks Glass Top Table: West Elm $439 (
Graphic Print area rug: Wal-Mart $100
Mixmaster by Sunbeam: Canadian Tire $150 (sale!)
Coffee Carafe: Alfi, Winner's Homesense (gift)
Serving Tray: Harman, Kitchen Stuff Plus $25 (
Wicker Basket: The Bay $25 (pkg of 2)
Triple-Matted Photo Frames: Winfield, Black's (

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