Thursday, January 29, 2009

Design Details: Toss Cushions

I was thinking about what makes a room feel unique & individual. What keeps one person's decor from looking just like the next? It's all in the details, in the accessories. It's the books, the artwork, the bowls, the get the idea. Today is all about toss cushions, and the way they bring colour and texture to a space. The images below are from Design Inc. As you browse, consider how different the space would look without the cushions.

In my own space I have used cushions on both the chairs and the couch, and they soften the lines of the contemporary furnishings. The best part of these pillows is the way the fabrics incorporate all of the colours in the room. I made these myself with fabric found at Designer Fabric Outlet, which is how I was able to get just the right colours and texture.

Not all toss cushions have to be custom made for your space. There are a lot of great options out there, and the best part is, they're generally inexpensive. You can get a lot of design bang for your buck!!

West Elm (Faux) Mongolian Lamb

West Elm (Faux) Zebra

Crate & Barrel Liza

Crate & Barrel Cherry Blossom

Crate & Barrel Layla

Pottery Barn Textured Solid

Pottery Barn Butterfly

Fluf Cushions (available at Hollace Cluny)

If your home needs to be freshened up, or you want to add some colour and texture to your surroundings, just throw some pillows on the couch and you'll see how they change the look of your space. They don't call them "toss cushions" for nothing!!

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