Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sarah's House 3 Episode 2

This week on Sarah's House 3, Sarah tackled the guest bedrooms on the second floor, naming them the West bedroom and the North bedroom. For both rooms, the inspiration for colour scheme came from the boldly printed fabrics. What's my favourite item this week? Hands down it's the upholstered headboard in the West bedroom with nailhead detail!

WEST Bedroom

NORTH Bedroom

Photos courtesy of HGTV Canada.

This week's budget: $20,000
Actual spent: $21,187


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Unfortunately I'm on a "basic cable budget" so I have enjoyed these pics. and your other posts.

  2. Hey A,
    I discovered you don't have to upgrade your cable, since the episodes are free to watch online the day after airing on HGTV.

    Click here or copy & paste this address into your browser to watch video:

  3. I love that headboard! I just saw this episode on a rerun. Do you have any idea where to buy the bird fabric or what it is called?

    Also, love your blog! You have exquisite taste.

  4. Hi Margy,
    The bird fabric is by Schumacher (, available in Toronto through Bilborough, 326 Davenport Road. Sorry I don't have access at this time to the specific name of this pattern.

  5. The pattern is called "Clarendon".


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