Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sarah's House 3 Episode 3

On this week's episode of Sarah's House, it was time for Tommy & Sarah to take on the upstairs bathroom. This bathroom will serve guests in the north and west bedrooms shown on last week's episode. The colour scheme for this room was drawn from the printed curtain fabric: Yellow, White & Graphite. Love it!!

Printed Cotton Drapery Fabric $650 (5 yards @ $130/yard)
Stone Mosaic Tiles $70/square foot
Tub $200
Sconces: $325/pair

And for a change, Sarah finally completed a room UNDER budget!!
Original Budget: $25,000
Final Cost: $21,215

Photos courtesy of HGTV Canada.


  1. I like watching Sarah. I think she is one of the only designers on TV that show the real side of the business....maybe Candice Olson as well. Beautiful bathroom....very feminine.

  2. I love Sarah, her esthetic and attention to detail are awesome. Pretty miraculous that she came in under budget! I love the bathroom and I think the tiles were a very smart splurge, but $650 on 5 yards of fabric? Ridiculous!


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